Santa Monica Outing with my Uncle

So the last weekend my Uncle was in America, we took him out to Third Street and I found a few cute places I wanted to share. First and foremost: Yummy Cupcakes.

I really liked them because their shop was a comfortable size. Not too big, the vitrine was still the grandest thing in there, but not too small, there was still room for tables and chairs for the patrons. The best part was the very creative flavors and looks of the cupcakes.

I saw this one and the wheels in my mind immediately started turning.

This one, I thought was really cool, as well.

I didn’t get why the apple martini had a cherry on top, but they looked cute.

So I bought the Apple Blue Cheese Cupcake:

It was delicious!

We also went to this gelato place called Angelato’s.

Here’s my dad and my uncle posing in front of the gelato:

I chose lime:

And at the end of the night we were so frozen. Here’s my mom and uncle freezing, waiting for my dad come with car.

Anyway, it was a really fun night and I had a great time with my Uncle. I miss him a lot and I hope I can visit him soon in Iran.

Hope you all enjoyed!



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