A Sweet Design Bakery — Granada Hills, CA

I was SO excited to find out that there was finally a bakery near my parents house in Granada Hills called A Sweet Design. As a child I would long for a nearby bakery I could ride my bike to and buy a delicious treat at. Alas, I now live in Los Angeles, but whenever I visit my parents I can trek down to this lovely cupcakes shop and buy a treat!

I followed the signs along the side of the building. I thought they were cute.

The building was very beautiful, bright vines covered its facade and they had changed the awnings to a colorful pink.

I walked inside and was greeted with this pretty vitrine.

I saw these and immediately knew what I wanted.

But, it was still a difficult decision because of these guys:

The bakery also does custom cakes. There were lots of people there doing consultations with the cake designers when I stopped in. I walked out happily with my butterscotch cupcake.

I took it home with me and immediately dug in:

The cake was deliciously moist and had little pieces of butterscotch hidden in the batter. It was amazing. I will definitely be coming back to this place 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!



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