Another Trip Through Berkeley

So my third trip to Berkeley this year, I decided to be a bit more comprehensive and document the trip in detail. That’s why I made this post gallery style so it wouldn’t take up the ENTIRE page. Heh. So this post is a mix of food finds, both dessert and culinary in Berkeley, along with just a trip through my pretty alma mater and the beautiful city. I hope you enjoy!

One of my favorite things about Berkeley’s campus is the trees.

They’re absolutely beautiful.

One of my favorite structures on campus is the Campanile.

When I was adventuring around campus, it was a beautiful Spring day. So, I took advantage of the blossoms around campus.

Then I headed South, towards Crixa Cakes. And here are some things I saw on the way:

And then I finally arrived at:

Let’s take another look at the tasty delights in my favorite bakery in Berkeley.

So I got my usual, flour-less chocolate cake with a side of unsweetened whipped cream and a nonfat cappuccino. Throw in a book, my journal and my trusty laptop and you’ll see me with a smile on my face. And hey, what’s that site on my screen? 🙂

Okay, so after my lovely excursion to Crixa, I went to Starbucks with my friend Joe. I don’t know if you are familiar with the new Starbucks petites, but it’s an array of really cute mini pastries. I haven’t tried them all yet, but I decided to go ahead and buy a mini carrot cake cupcake, plus another cappuccino.

The verdict: it was actually pretty yummy!

I really like the Starbucks on Center St. It has two stories and I love the windows on the North wall.

So, the next day I decided I needed to walk off the treats I ate before and headed towards North Berkeley. And on my walk I found this delightful Cupcakery called: Love at First Bite.

Cute name, right?

I wasn’t hungry, though, so I didn’t actually get a cupcake. Alas! But, after a while of walking around I did get a tad bit hungry and I found this pretty little nook of a restaurant called Gregoire.

So here’s the inside. It was so cute! And very efficient. Notice the huge stacks of prepared boxes ready to go!

I ordered fried mashed potato bites. Yes….you read right.

Then I started my trek back towards campus where I was going to meet Robin. I stumbled upon a coffee shop called Philz Coffee, which has barnone become one of my favorite coffee houses in Berkeley.

I got a mint tea, and without prompting them, they asked me if I’d like milk in my tea. They poured hot milk in my fresh mint tea [that’s fresh mint leaves!] and the leaves steeped amazingly. Delicious!

The coffee house had soo much space and many many tables. Everyone was sitting reading or studying, but it wasn’t just college students. It was real people actually reading! It was so refreshing. And! They had this adorable piano which had a sign on it encouraging anyone who knows how to play to go ahead and play it!

Once I finished my tea I kept trekking over to campus to meet my honey 🙂 and I had to make another stop when I saw this bakery in my way.

The display was interesting. There were cute cookies:

An interesting thing called a beehive:

Some cakes:

I saw these and were intrigued:

I got a pistachio flavored macaron and a raspberry flavored macaron. I was a little worried when I asked the woman behind the counter for the macaron and she corrected me by saying, alright, one pistachio macaroon and one raspberry macaroon….but I let it slide :p

I grabbed my goodie bag and headed over to campus.

Not only was I greeted by another lovely Berkeley day, but also to this wonderful boy 🙂

I unwrapped the macarons,

To tell you the truth, they weren’t that yummy. I think they were a little stale. But, you can’t win em all!

Rob and I decided to make a day of it and go to SFMOMA. We started our trek down to Bart.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the museum.

Then we went to the rooftop cafeteria and had the prettiest cappuccino ever!

And then finally we headed back to Berkeley on Bart 🙂

It was an absolutely amazing trip and I miss my Robin already. 🙂


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