Sweet Adeline Bakeshop

Okay, so first off, yes, it’s been a long while since I’ve updated. For shame, Melody! I know! I know! But I am going to remedy the situation. Not to worry, I have been documenting my baking life since the last time I updated so we have a lot to catch up on! Which means, lots of fun posts coming up!

So per one of my readers’ requests, I checked out Sweet Adeline Bakeshop when I was in Berkeley next. And may I say, it was absolutely amazing!

The display inside was absolutely scrumptious!

The staff was really friendly and patient (I took a really long time deciding what I wanted because I was so overwhelmed with all the choices!). Plus, there was ample room to sit, which I find very important in bakeshops.

I was very tempted in taking this entire cake with me.

But, for the sake of sugar death, I opted to go with this delicious vegan oatmeal cookie and a cup of joe.

The cookie was perfect and their coffee was very good, as well. Thanks for the suggestion! I definitely recommend this place if you’re ever up in Berkeley.

Happy Baking!



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