Easter and more chocolate eggs!

So, for Easter, Rob and I were going to his parents house in Ventura. I thought, it’d be cool to recreate my Persian New Year Chocolate Eggs for Easter! After all, the original Martha Stewart idea was, in fact,  for Easter.

They turned out really festive!

So I did the same thing as last. I made little holes on one end of the eggs and emptied the contents. Then I boiled the empty shells for 10 minutes and I was ready to dye! I wanted more Easter colors so I got out all my food colorings and had a party!

They turned really cute and pastel and stripey!

I used my handy dandy styrofoam and pin egg dryer [didn’t take any photos of it this time, but it’s the ame one I used in the Persian New Year’s post]. I let the egg shells dry for  two-three days and then when they were completely dry inside I filled them with dark chocolate candy coating and emptied them again so that just the sides were covered in the chocolate coating.

Then while they were setting, I made some ganache.

Now mix the chocolate and cream together!

Now, fill the eggs with ganache!

They were a big hit! Now, how about let’s serve one up!

Bang it on a hard, flat surface! Then start picking away at the crack that will form.

Now we have the entire chocolate de-shelled.

And for the best part, take a big bite into the chocolate egg!

They were absolutely delicious!

For full directions go ahead and check out my earlier post. I hope you guys enjoyed!

Happy Chocolate-ing!



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